Dr. Kelly Lizewski - Doctor of Chiropractic


Massage Therapy

Massage is a scientific system of skillful manipulations of the hands upon the body for the improvement of health and well-being. It may also be used for relief of pains, cramps, swellings, strains and many other imbalanced conditions of the body.

The physiological effects of massage improve structure and functions of the body as a whole. The skin, muscles, blood vessels, lymphatics, nerves and even the internal organs are affected beneficially by massage.

Massage therapy is not a luxury, as many people in the western world believe it to be. Massage is necessary to relieve the stress and strain put on the body in everyday life. I do not know too many people that live a stress free life. Many people that feel the aches and pains in the body, can be greatly reduced by the affects of having a massage.

A Balance of Proven Massage Therapies

I utilize both Eastern and Western massage techniques when working with my patients.  Some of these techniques include deep tissue, myofascial release technique, shiatsu (acupressure), ART (active release technique), foot reflexology and lymphatic drainage.


Massage is not
just a luxury it is necessary to
relieve stress
and strain
on the body.