Dr. Kelly Lizewski - Doctor of Chiropractic


Mind, Body, Spirit

Being healthy is not just about the physical self, but also in the mind and spirit. This pertains to being happy emotionally and feeding your spirit in the manner that is best for the individual. Working out, taking walks on the beach, hiking in the woods are just some examples, but ultimately being healthy is finding what you enjoy in life that recharges you to be the best individual you can be. Taking care of the self is important because you’re the only one in control of your health.


Psyche is the integration and organization of function of the brain resulting in the ability to perceive surroundings to have emotion, imagination, memory and will and to process information in an intelligent manner. The quality and quantity of the function of the mind vary with experience and development.


The physical part of the human as distinguished from mind and spirit.


The animating or life-giving principal within a living being or soul. Part of a human being associated with the mind and feelings as distinguished from the physical body. Spiritual well-being is the process of an individual’s developing/unfolding or mystery through harmonious interconnectedness that springs from inner strengths.


Taking care of the self in mind, body and spirit is important.  Ultimately, you are in control of your own health.